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Wellness Clinic at Lucky Dog Academy

On Spetember 24th we will be have a Wellness Clinic at Lucky Dog Academy in Plainfield, IL.
We will start seeing patient by appointment at 9:00 AM.
The following services will be offered:
 • 3 year Thimerosal Free Rabies Vaccine (certificate only, no tag)
 • Distemper/Parvo Vaccine Titer
 • Rabies Titer (non-export; not accepted as proof of vaccination in the state of IL)
 • Superchem/Complete Blood Count - CBC/CHEM (25 chemistry)
 • Superchem/Complete Blood Count/T4 - CBC/CHEM/T4 (25 chemistry)
 • Vetscreen/Complete Blood Count - CBC/CHEM (20 chemistry)
 • General Screen/Complete Blood Count - CBC/mini CHEM (10 chemistry)
 • Urinalysis
 • Heartworm Test
 • Accuplex Heartworm Test (heartworm, lyme, anaplasmosis, erlichia)
 • Heartguard 6 Month Supply (Pre-Order Only)
 • Intestinal Parasite Screen

If you are interested in attending please fill out a Wellness Clinic Patient Form and schedule your appointment by emailing us at Thanks!


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